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Become a professional for AI assistant technology and get 40% monthly recurring revenue. Join the gigaaa partnership program and start your new income stream today.

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Click Sign Up and enter your personal information.

Start Inviting

Click invite button, onboard first partners and customers.

What’s In It For You?

ZERO upfront investment to join the Program

40% of total revenue each month

Free access to our biweekly webinars and training

Build customized solutions for your customers

Develop AI voice services (NO coding skills needed!)

Boost your customers’ efficiency and productivity

Join Booming AI Assistance Solutions

The market for AI is booming. In fact, the artificial intelligence market is expected to reach

$300.26 billion by 2026, up from $15.70 billion in 2017. Thats an annual growth rate of 17.2% from 2018 to 2025

Voice Assistant Installed Base 2019

Build AI Assistance Solutions for Your Customers

We want you to get the most out of this partnership so we created a platform for setting up your business in just a few hours. With gigaaa Console you can:

Build your own voice services in 26 languages

Access gigaaa Service Store with more than 50 digital voice services available

Develop customized solutions

Conquer new markets

Expand your target audience

Design voice-operated FAQ service

What includes free basic subscription?


Contact, feedback and suggestion premade templates.


Any question about your company/business handled by AI customer support.

AI Website Navigation

Enable customers to navigate your website with voice.

Machine-to-Human Handover

User experience as the highest priority.

Need more?

You can always upgrade to additional available services:

Appointment Scheduling

Intelligent appointment scheduling service with live availability.

Reporting Service

Employee check-in and check-out with a simple voice command.

E-commerce Sales Flow

Automatic navigation of your customers through the entire ordering process by gigaaa.

AI Customer Support

Real time 24/7 customer Assistance by combination of virtual and human agent.


Get started for free and upgrade as you grow.





FAQ, ST, Navigation

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10 Services


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