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gigaaa Partner Program

1. White Label Solutions

Focus on what you do best and let gigaaa fill in your gaps with White Label Solutions.

2. Services Partner

Build your own service for gigaaa Assistant and make it accessible to millions of people.

3. Sponsored GIGs

Add GIGs to gigaaa Assistant that help you connect with your audience.

4. Licensed Service Developer

Become a Licensed gigaaa Service Developer to scale up your business reach.

5. Distribution Partner

Become an exclusive Distribution Partner of Verticals developed for businesses.

6. Developer Community

Join the gigaaa Developer Community to build voice-enabled services following 3-step integration process within minutes.

7. Devices Partner

Build smart devices with gigaaa Inside by adding gigaaa AI Personal Assistant to your device.

8. Technology Supplier

If you have developed smart and innovative solutions suitable for the gigaaa system, send us your offer.

9. Intelligence Partner

Add your database to the gigaaa system and spread knowledge around the world by voice.

10. Influencer Partner

Become a gigaaa Ambassador and Promotion Partner.

11. Media Partner

Be the first to receive the latest news and technology insights.

12. Investor

Become an Investor of a global enterprise changing the future.

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