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“Let´s build a life companion for anyone in order to bring more quality into people’s lives.”
Dragan Alexander Stevanovic, Founder

Company Overview

“In the next decade, every single person on this planet will own an AI personal assistant. We won’t need smartphones anymore.’’
Dragan Alexander Stevanovic – CeBit, Hannover 2015

gigaaa International SA is a multinational technology company headquartered in Luxembourg developing an AI Personal Assistant System you can compare with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The initial idea was conceived in early 2014 by Dragan Alexander and Philip Stevanovic in the city of Aachen, Germany with a quest for building an intelligent voice assistant that could outperform the existing ones.

gigaaa AI Personal Assistant is a new generation life companion which offers to simplify the everyday usage of digital services by voice. The technology enables devices to be operated by voice and it connects like-minded people through activities called GIG with the help of gigaaa GIG Service. Speaking with gigaaa Assistant provides people today the easy access to 100+ digital services and allow them to seek information, ask for advice, buy products, operate their Smart Home systems, expand their social network and much more.

The first alpha version of gigaaa mobile application was presented in 2016. The next year, gigaaa Germany was founded, followed by gigaaa Turkey, Egypt, Russia, and the USA in 2018.

By the beginning of 2019, gigaaa AI Personal Assistant entered the global markets and the first “gigaaa Inside” devices (prototypes) were presented in Germany. gigaaa’s voice interface allows people to interact with hardware products such as a smart mirror, smart display, smart alarm clock, smart loudspeaker, smartwatch and many more, just by simple voice commands. The “gigaaa Inside” label on devices indicates that gigaaa Voice Assistant is installed.

To achieve its main goal, gigaaa encourages developers to build the ultimate life companion together with us and invites them to build their first voice service through our gigaaa Developer Platform. Different kind of service-types can be created within the Platform simple and fast. Once a gigaaa service is developed, it becomes accessible to millions of people in a short amount of time through gigaaa Assistant.

The world’s leading market research company Gartner mentions gigaaa in several reports as a competitor to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung in the market for Conversational UX Technologies. Behind these improvements, there are more than 50 young doers from all around the world who share the same youthful and enthusiastic approach to work. The company slogan: “Life is gigaaa” is an expression to rephrase the meaning of “Life is beautiful”.

Vision and Mission

Everyone has an individual way of dealing with the Internet and connectivity. Everybody has a ‘digital existence’ - as individual as the people themselves - and everyone would like for the Internet to be a little more personalized with a little less technology. gigaaa AI Personal Assistant, as the central interface and control unit of our connected digital life, positioned from the start to offer a daily growing mass of functions that are mainly operated via voice. With gigaaa, we want to make people’s digital lives simpler, more convenient and much more efficient. Therefore, we are building a personal assistant in the cloud that anyone can access from anywhere in the world and from any device. A kind of partner with whom you can talk to, who has a voice that is humanly emotional and who makes our digital lives as easy as possible so that we have more time for ourselves and the important things in life, that’s what gigaaa is all about. The digital virtual assistant called “JARVIS” from the Hollywood movie “Ironman”, comes closest to our vision for gigaaa. It visualizes holographically and can be operated by voice as well as gesture commands. This is how you can imagine gigaaa in the year 2025.

Market Potential

The gigaaa system is language independent and today accessible in 5 languages as German, English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and prepared for 23 additional languages. Following languages are planned for the coming months: Mandarin, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Spanish, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Urdu, Swedish and Finnish. Thus, a global market entry can be implemented at high speed from a technological point of view.

All people who, due to various restrictions, are prevented from working with computers, keyboards or touchpads today are also potential users and later on consumers. With gigaaa, such disadvantaged people can overcome their problems and participate ‘barrier-free’ in the digital world.

gigaaa can be operated by any person, regardless of age, education, location or origin. Making the Internet accessible to a large number of new users and thus making better use of its services is naturally recognized as an important aspect of gigaaa’s customer approach.

In the B2B sector, gigaaa sees even greater potential. Many companies and businesses today have to upgrade or retrofit their information technology through consistent digitalization in order to remain competitive, not only by digitizing existing processes but also by inventing and implementing entire new digital business models. With gigaaa, IT systems can be extended easily in a user-friendly way with an API Voice Interface to a dialogue system, and this can be realized with maximum security, extensive functionality and high-cost efficiency.

Competitive Position

The world’s largest IT companies have their own products that use voice input. Microsoft with Cortana, Apple with Siri, Google with Google Assistant, IBM with Watson and above all Amazon with Alexa, have already created a new field of competition in which the development of the best Smart assistant is at stake. There are fine differences between the individual solutions of the provider. Each competitor delivers own highlights and a certain range of functions, which have their own advantages and shortcomings. Here are the 5 best-known products:

Google – Google Assistant

Strengths: Very good speech recognition, proactive functions, great general knowledge, simple semantic comprehension, cross-platform
Weaknesses: Impersonal, not completely hands-free, limited browser features

Microsoft – Cortana

Strengths: Good speech recognition, human touch, good general knowledge
Weaknesses: Little reference to topicality, no context references, missing telephony functions, trapped in loudspeaker

Soundhound – Hound

Strengths: Very good speech recognition in certain areas, partly intelligent links and processing, use of the context in parts
Weaknesses: Too many knowledge gaps, not proactive, low system integration, rather impersonal, not usable freehand

Amazon – Alexa

Strengths: Very good speech recognition, very human-like response, speech recognition works offline; smartphone controllable without a network connection, largely freehand operable
Weaknesses: Significant gaps in knowledge, Bing as search engine, offline potential not exploited

Apple – Siri

Strengths: Very good speech recognition, human touch, very broad general knowledge, proactive
Weaknesses: Very talkative, platform-bound

Compared to gigaaa, none of these products has a social networking service. None of the mentioned products is able to learn independently for inputs that go beyond the use of a single consumer. The biggest difference to gigaaa is that none of these systems can be so easily extended by a multitude of functions in order to respond more quickly to the marketing of services and products of interested companies who want to become part of the system. Either because they are closed systems (see Apple, Microsoft, Amazon) or because a rigid framework makes expansion extremely time-consuming and expensive (see Google, IBM). This should give gigaaa a visible and proven technological edge in a very short time.

Why gigaaa is a Good Alternative?

The digital revolution was supposed to empower entrepreneurs, retailers, and manufacturers. It hasn’t turned out that way. According to recent studies, online retailer Amazon is becoming more and more dangerous for retailers in the Western world. Amazon uses its position to eliminate the competitors, block startups and exploits manufacturers by taking control of many industries. The company — if the company is even an adequate word to describe it — touches e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, grocery, customer service, cloud services, hardware, robotics, artificial intelligence, the auto industry, the finance industry, real estate, health care, and fashion, among other things.

Over the last fifteen years, the number of independent retailers has fallen by about 108 000. As the retail sector becomes less diverse, the potential becomes greater to hinder free competition. Today the modern company can work with Amazon, or work against it. The partnerships with Amazon can be seen as a deal with the devil because the latest studies show that these retailers are becoming more and more dependent on Amazon.

Policymakers are skeptical about the so-called GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) dominating the digital market. These big four leaves no room for small players to compete against them and offer an alternative to consumers. Since Amazon announced a couple of weeks ago that more than 100 million Alexa enabled devices have been sold, the fear of losing future competition is bigger than ever before.

It is not surprising that more than 70% of the voice assistants who already work in households today come from Amazon and Google. According to the technology market analyst Canalys, the total number of such devices worldwide will increase from around 100 million at present to more than 500 million by 2022. Nearly three-quarters of them will be equipped with Amazons or Google’s technology, the industry experts estimate. Data protectors are concerned about these figures.

The fact that they are always on and as soon as the everyday assistants are activated by keyword (such as “Alexa” or “Ok Google”), they transfer unfiltered recordings including background noise into their respective cloud — centralized, often distant server structures with huge storage capacities. Users no longer know what happens to the data there.

This is now the moment where gigaaa AI Assistant comes in. It represents a real alternative to Google and Amazon, both for companies and consumers. We are working hard to convince more companies and organizations in Germany, Turkey, Egypt and Russia that gigaaa is not only technically a high level and full conversational platform but has already united strong partners with a large customer base and financial penetration. We are finding more and more supporting companies to participate in the upcoming market entry. The target date is the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin in mid-September 2019. In addition to a large number of gigaaa voice-enabled devices such as mirrors, alarm clocks TVs and loudspeakers, which will be used to speak with gigaaa AI assistant, a wide range of useful and practical voice services will also be provided. In addition to the convenient control of Smart Home, music and video streaming will also be offered. Above all, however, the neutral position of gigaaa will come into its own when it comes to ordering products and services, and well-known retailers will be selected as desired suppliers. So, it will not be Amazon. Of course, the hot topic data protection stands above all, so that gigaaa offers the one and only alternative for customers who look at privacy with great importance. gigaaa should become the only voice assistant alternative with full transparency for data protection and privacy.

Investors FAQ

How does gigaaa make money?
The gigaaa business model is based on Affiliate Marketing commissions and B2B White Label solutions. gigaaa does not trade with user data.

What is the minimum amount to invest?
The minimum amount to invest is € 100K.

How can I invest in gigaaa?
Yes, anyone can become a gigaaa Investor. If you are interested, please send us your message by email to

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