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"Hi! As you may already know, by the end of this decade AI assistants will replace smartphones as main technology to manage our daily life. By autonomous learning from user experience and input, gigaaa is here to enable a smart life for everyone. Join us in our mission to build a ultimate AI assistance available on any device, in any language and able to provide any service!”

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How long has gigaaa been in business?

The gigaaa project started in January 2014. The official market entry was in September 2019 at IFA Berlin, an international fair for consumer electronics and home appliances. 

What is gigaaa’s fiscal year?

gigaaa’s fiscal year is from January 1st until December 31st.  

Can I get financial documents emailed to me and how?

Yes. Please send us a written request with your contact information on 

Where can I find gigaaa’s quarterly reports?

Company’s quarterly reports are available upon email request. 

Is there a minimal amount required to invest in gigaaa shares?

You can invest any amount, starting from 1 cent up to 5.000.000 $.