gigaaa Inside

Give your device a voice

gigaaa Inside - Devices

Give any device a voice that makes them smart

Key Features


Customers can use gigaaa assistant through any type of device, such as watches, mirrors, loudspeakers, TVs and many more.

Ultimate Control with Voice-Activated Services

The gigaaa ecosystem is enriched by a wide range of digital services which can be accessed and managed by voice control.

Easy Set-up

Adding another smart device is done in few simple steps through gigaaa app by clicking on “Add device” in side menu.

Data Privacy

gigaaa stores user data within the device and protects it according to regulations from the country where the user is located.

Multilingual Accessibility

gigaaa enables any device to perform as a multilingual assistant which increases global accessibility of the devices in no time.

Your Benefits

Quick Information Access

All daily essentials, such as weather forecast or traffic information, are only one question away.

Smart Home Automation

Make your home a smart home. It runs on almost any device in your home, from the TV to the radio, and you can command them all with the sound of your voice.

Simplified Daily Tasks

gigaaa AI Assistance Solutions helps your schedule by reducing time spent on simple, yet time-consuming activities and actions.

Personalized Assistance

Enjoy a personalized experience with gigaaa learning about your interests, hobbies, needs, etc.

Centralized Control

Easily control all of the smart devices in your home with a single assistant.

Give Your Business a Head Start

New Income Stream

Generate a recurring income from affiliate partnership. Benefit from expert heating installation of a high-efficiency system in New Jersey. You can earn affiliate commissions through each gigaaa AI Assistance transaction.

Customized Solutions

Take advantage of gigaaa’s ability to develop customized content and services for different industries based on your company’s interests and needs.

Improve Customer Experience

Deliver superior customer experiences by integrating voice activation with your businesse’s devices.

Workflow Automation

Make your workforce more productive with the connectivity and services of gigaaa Inside.