gigaaa AI Personal Assistant

gigaaa AI Personal Assistant

AI Personal Assistant
Your New Life Companion

Speak with gigaaa Assistant and manage 100+ digital services. Access to information, ask for advice, operate your Smart Home, arrange your bookings, buy products and much more.

Boost Your Social Life with gigaaa!

gigaaa GIG Service connects you with like-minded people in the vicinity through social activities called GIG.

Enjoy GIGs. Meet new people. Chat safely.

Create Your First GIG

One Sentence All It Takes

Define your activity’s name, location and date in one sentence to start expanding your community.

Join the Best GIGs

Never Run Out of Activities

gigaaa Assistant suggests you the best GIGs matched with your personal interests.

Access gigaaa Assistant on Various Devices

You can speak with gigaaa Assistant through voice-enabled devices like a smart mirror, smart loudspeaker, smart alarm clock, smart headphones, smartwatch, smart TV, and many more. Soon, you will be able to control millions of devices by voice with the help of gigaaa Assistant.

Access gigaaa Cross-Platform

Chat with gigaaa Assistant via various messenger apps

gigaaa Assistant is accessible through various messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype, Viber, and many more.

gigaaa grants access to services activated by commands: “ask gigaaa assistant” and #gigaaa

gigaaa Never Stops Learning!

gigaaa Assistant learns about the user on a daily basis and provides personalized assistance by taking into consideration the user’s routines, interests, and tastes.

Every week new services and functions are added to gigaaa Assistant to improve
your experience as well.

Your Safety Matters

You don’t need to worry about your data safety. gigaaa places a great emphasis on both your privacy and safety. All user data are exclusively preserved by us.

Trust gigaaa like you trust your best friend!

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