Let the machine do the job for you

Set Up Your Own
AI Assistance

Register with gigaaa Developer Console and build your own voice services. Publish your own AI Assistance within minutes.

gigaaa Developer Console

Anyone Can Build own Voice Services

Simple documentation

Step by step guidance that allows anyone to create extraordinary apps and integrate them into gigaaa’s constantly growing user community.

Carefree testing

Both testing and live environments are kept up-to-date. This avoids the common problem of apps crushing by their launch.

Go live quickly

Benefit from a clear and fast certification process that guarantees the best possible experience for your users.

Global availability

Make your services available in 6 supported languages and 20 different countries.

Key Features

Create Once, Deploy Everywhere

Voice Bot Templates

Use Assistant Templates for Your Business

Create your own assistant by providing your business information such as address and contact number on a previously designed template.


Have Voice-Operated Interview Dialogs

Design your interview forms in a few minutes and receive your audience's feedback via voice.

Small Talks

Enjoy a Fun and Customized Approach

Teach your assistant how to greet you, what to call you or engage in a dialogue about some popular everyday topics.

Data Protection

Your Customer,
Your Data

You don’t need to worry about your data safety. gigaaa places a great emphasis on both your privacy and safety. gigaaa is the provider that collects and manages data according to GDPR.

Al Customer Support

Activate a Fully-Automated Customer Support

Give your customers an efficient 24/7 assistance which also enables redirecting to a human agent if a human interaction is needed.


Get Insight Into Your Customer’s Data

Use Analytics tools to improve your offer and satisfy customer's needs as well as monitor the performance of your assistant.