gigaaa AI Assistance Solutions


gigaaa AI Assistance Solutions


Grow Your Business with gigaaa AI Personal Assistant

Generate higher revenues by connecting gigaaa Assistant to your services and products.

Visit Our Showrooms and Test Devices with gigaaa Inside

Set Up Your New Income Stream

Earn money with gigaaa-connected devices

More than 13.000 Affiliate Partners participating in the gigaaa system make businesses and earn income through affiliate commissions.

Together We Can Achieve More

Improve Customer Experience Through Artificial Intelligence

gigaaa Assistant continuously learns about your customer’s routines, interests, and tastes to provide personalized assistance.

Add Value to Your Business by Ultimate Voice Control

gigaaa Assistant allows your customers to control their devices and a wide range of digital services by voice commands.

Reach More Customers with Multilingual Experience

gigaaa enables any service and device to perform multilingually which increases global accessibility of your business in no time.

Save Time and Cost Through Automation of Repetitive Tasks

gigaaa will help reduce time and money wasted on repetitive tasks and create more time for your employees to do high-value tasks.

Give Your Devices a Voice

gigaaa Assistant is Accesible on Various Devices

Speak with gigaaa Assistant through voice-enabled devices like a smart mirror, smart loudspeaker, smart alarm clock, smart headphones, smartwatch, smart TV, and many more. Soon, you will be able to control millions of devices by voice with the help of gigaaa Assistant.

gigaaa Plug-in for Websites and Mobile Apps

AI-powered Voice Services

Automate up to 90% of customer service tickets, reduce process costs, increase customer interaction and sales with extension of gigaaa Assistant on your Website and Mobile App.

Become More Accessible with gigaaa Cross-Platform

Millions of people can chat with gigaaa Assistant via various messenger apps

gigaaa Assistant is accessible through various messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype, Viber, and many more.

gigaaa grants access to services activated by commands: “ask gigaaa assistant” and #gigaaa



soon, many more!

gigaaa Assistant offers to simplify the digital aspect of everyday life via hundreds of voice services. Help make your customers' lives easier!

Your Customer, Your Data!

gigaaa places a great emphasis on your customer’s privacy and safety. All customer data is exclusively preserved by gigaaa.

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