Who We Are

We at gigaaa are fascinated by technology and artificial intelligence. We want to make people’s everyday lives easier and help them to live a better life. To make this happen, we turn modern technologies into a real partner for humans. Our highest priority is to give the user access to flawless technical and useful services and make them easy to use for everyone.

The Company

gigaaa International S.A was founded in January 2017. The headquarter is located in the city of Luxembourg. Today gigaaa has offices/hubs in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.; Aachen, Köln and Berlin, Germany; Antalya, Turkey; Cairo, Egypt; and Moscow, Russia. Today more than 50 talented and enthusiastic people around the world work for gigaaa and more than 1.000 Testusers help improve the system.

The History

The initial idea was developed in early 2014 by Dragan Alexander Stevanovic and Philip Stevanovic in the city of Aachen, Germany. It started with the quest for building an intelligent voice assistant that performs better than the existing ones. The first pitch was presented at 2015 CeBit Exhibition, in Hannover; and gigaaa has been awarded by Volkswagen with a research project. The first prototype presented in 2016 brought the next award by Media Saturn, which enabled gigaaa to become a part of their Accelerator program. The same year gigaaa personal assistant was selected to be one of TOP 3 IT Innovations of the year in Germany. In 2017 Deutsche Telekom awarded gigaaa, and made it a part of their Accelerator program. Since then, gigaaa resides at HubRaum in Berlin, working on various research projects with several divisions within Deutsche Telekom Group. The same year gigaaa has been awarded by Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich to participate in their Accelerator program and developed a couple of social projects related to student communities and social programs.

The Technology

Intelligent voice-enabled interfaces like gigaaa aim to simplify our interactions with digital services. The gigaaa ecosystem is a composition of more than 20 software components: Speech Recognition, Text-to-speech, Natural Language Understanding, Artificial Intelligence, API Integration Layer etc.

Open Architecture

gigaaa ́s open Architecture, with its more than 200 Endpoints, allows developers to connect gigaaa with almost any System, Database, BOT Framework or Chatbot.

Cross Platform access

With “ask gigaaa assistant” and #gigaaa you can access gigaaa Services via Google Voice Assistant, or by chat using SLACK, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram. Alexa, WeChat, Skype, and others are coming soon.

Conversational UX Platform for Developers

gigaaa Services

gigaaa Conversational UX platform gives access to anyone who likes to build “gigaaa Services”. The “gigaaa Service” can be compared with Alexa Skills or Google Actions, which allows anybody to build and publish their own voice activated services.

gigaaa for Connected Devices

gigaaa conversational UX platform for developers provides an intelligent voice interface for connected devices and applications with its gigaaa Smart Home API. gigaaa offers an advanced dialogue system for a new generation of voice activated interfaces.

The Outlook

The world leading Market research company GARTNER mentions Gigaaa in several reports with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung, among leading Conversational UX Technologies. B2B collaborations with leading German companies like Deutsche Telekom and Innogy enhance the system on a daily basis. gigaaa is well-positioned to become a key player in the stage of transition to intelligent natural language interfaces. To see gigaaa technology in action, you can download the gigaaa Mobile App in your PlayStore or AppStore.

The Message

gigaaa AI Personal Assistant offers to help people make better decisions. It enables users to benefit from digital services at the widest possible range.
In addition, gigaaa matches you with the right people and the right services whenever and wherever you need it. With gigaaa any device becomes smart, thus, in the future you will be able to speak to your own virtual assistant completely device-independent. All in all, when you use gigaaa, you improve the quality of your life. The gigaaa advertising slogan is:










gigaaa Services


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