About Us

We at gigaaa are fascinated by technology and artificial intelligence. We want to make people’s everyday lives easier and help them to live a better life. To make this happen, we turn modern technologies into a real partner for humans. Our highest priority is to give the user access to flawless technical and useful services and make them easy to use for everyone.

About Us

gigaaa was founded in 2017 with a vision for building an intelligent voice assistant that could outperform all other assistants on the market, although the idea itself was conceived as early as 2014.

Our headquarters are currently located in Luxembourg, with additional offices located in Phoenix, Aachen, Cologne, Berlin, Antalya, Cairo and Moscow. gigaaa is a multicultural enterprise with a talented and enthusiastic young doers from all corners of the world, which is supported by over a thousand test users that help us improve the system. We are futurists who dream of our technology contributes the world to make it a better place to live in.

gigaaa learns about the user every day; thus it provides personalized assistance and takes into consideration routines, interest, and taste. Just one single voice assistant replaces all apps and gives easy access to all kind of favorite digital services. Web search, weather, navigation, booking, shopping, translation, mobility, entertainment, these are only some of the services; and many more are added every day.

The world leading market research company Gartner mentions gigaaa in several reports as a competitor to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung in the Conversational UX Technologies market. B2B collaborations with leading German companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Innogy enhance the system on a daily basis. With gigaaa, any device becomes smart, enabling users to speak to gigaaa anywhere they want, anytime they want.

The Technology

The gigaaa ecosystem offers both users and developers a wide range of options that can be used to enhance your daily life. Here’s some examples on what we can offer:

An open architecture

gigaaa’s open Architecture, with its more than 200 endpoints, allows developers to connect gigaaa with almost any system, database, framework or bot.

Cross Platform access

With “ask gigaaa assistant” and #gigaaa you can access gigaaa services via Google Voice Assistant, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram. Alexa, WeChat, and Skype, with more platforms being available soon.

Conversational UX platform for developers

gigaaa Conversational UX platform gives access to anyone who wants to build gigaaa Services. The gigaaa Service can be compared to Alexa Skills or Google Actions, which allows anybody to build and publish their own voice activated services.

gigaaa for connected devices

gigaaa’s conversational UX platform for developers provides an intelligent voice interface for connected devices and applications with its gigaaa Smart Home API, which offers an advanced dialogue system for a new generation of voice activated interfaces.


Since our founding, we have received several awards and reached multiple milestones, such as:

  • Being awarded with a research project by Volkswagen at the 2015 CeBit Exhibition in Hannover.
  • Presenting our first prototype in 2016 and being added to the Media Saturn Accelerator program.
  • Being featured among the TOP 3 IT Innovations of 2016 by Munich Startup.
  • Joining the Deutsche Telekom Accelerator program in 2017.
  • Becoming part of the Ludwig Maximilian University Accelerator program where we have worked on social projects with local students.
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