Technology Features

Discover what gigaaa can do for you.

Data Protection

Your customer –Your data! Your personal data is an asset!

Smart Home

Control your Smart Home with gigaaa technology.


Speak to gigaaa using your language.

Artificial Intelligence

gigaaa never stops learning and improves on a daily basis.

Voice Integration

Make any kind of device, website or app smart with „gigaaa Inside“

Cross Platform Access

Access gigaaa via Messengers and Smart Assistants.

Messenger & Rooms

Text and voice messages,
voice and video calls.

Developer Console

Develop one - access anywhere following the Wikipedia principle.

Multilingual Services

Go Global in No Time

gigaaa is currently available in these 6 languages

English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish

More languages are coming this year

French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Indonesian...

My AI Assistant, My Data

Loss of Privacy?

Why do you give all of your information and data to Amazon, Facebook or Google

For Free?

Our personal data is an asset!

You don’t need to worry about your data safety. gigaaa places a great emphasis on both your privacy and safety. All user data are exclusively preserved by us. Trust gigaaa like you trust your best friend!