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⚽ gigaaa World Cup Game 

Be part of our completely voice controlled betting game

Finally it’s this time again!

The World Cup 2018 has started and thereby a summer everyone loves especially, has begun and we share our excitement!

What do you think which team will make it to the final this year? Or do you already know who’s going to win the World Cup?

Here’s your chance to flex your football predicting muscle and prove to your mates once and for all that you’re the number one expert!

Just talk to gigaaa and tell us your tip with the new gigaaa “World Cup Game.”

It doesn’t matter if you carry football in your heart, if you can guess the score of every game, or just love public viewing with all your friends.

Create a team via gigaaa and place bets for every game at Russia 2018.

Challenge your friends, family or work mates and wait and see who is the football expert in your team and maybe you can become the gigaaa World Cup Champion.

Be quick with creating your team, because for the best teams we have many gigaaa prizes to win until the end of the World Cup. Every point counts!


Game Rules

1.That’s how you create a Team


First you create a normal GIG with the command “create a GIG”

To change your GIG into a World Cup GIG just change your settings and categorie into

“World Cup Game” and add a description if you like.


2.How to place a bet

To place a bet in the tipping game just say “I want to bet” and gigaaa navigates you through all games which take place on the given date. For example, if you want to place a bet for tomorrow, or in two days just say ” I want to bet for (the day after) tomorrow”.


If you have already placed a bet, gigaaa shows you your personal bets. gigaaa also asks, if you want to change your bets. If you agree, say “yes” and you can enter your new bet.


Reachable points (total)

Placing a bet: 1 Point
Correct winner: 2 Points
Correct goal difference: 3 Points
Correct result: 4 Points


To see your current score in the  tipping game just say “personal highscore” and gigaaa

shows you an overview about all scores of all participants.


“Team highscore” shows you the sum of all scores from all teams.

“Resultoverview” gives you an overview about all the bets you have made yet.


Can I be part of more than one GIG?

For fairness we decided that you can only be part of one team at the same time. Exceptions are the Welcome Group and Special Reward Groups which can be joined in addition to your betting group.


How can you or your team collect points?

The GIG collects the Point of all members automatically and sums them up.

They are displayed under the GIG-Picture.

You choose a team and as soon as you are part of the team, your personal score will be added to the team.


Can I bet on the team who will win, no matter what is the score?

No. Just the result. But you get Points for the right winner.

Reachable points (total)

Placing a bet: 1 Point

Correct winner: 2 Points

Correct goal difference: 3 Points

Correct result: 4 Points


What are prizes you can win?

Every week there are special prizes which will rewarded in special gigs (join via and are announced on our social media accounts.

The final winning team will get a special prize which will be announced at the beginning of the final games.


When will the winners announced?

The final winning team will be announced directly after final match of the world cup.

The special prizes will be announced as written in the GIG description.